Saturday, August 21, 2010

Family Traditions a.k.a Making Memories!

Did you have a Family Tradition growing up? Saturday afternoon at the park? Sunday afternoon dinner at Grandmas? Movie and pizza on Friday night?

If your answer is yes, you know how heartwarming just reading that sentence was? It brings back smells, sounds, hugs and kisses that went along with that special occasion. If your answer is no, you might not know what you've been missing. It is NOT too late or too hard... start one this week!

What does your family like to do? Do you like to cook? watch movies? play board games? Rockband even? No one's judging here. If you can't commit to weekly, why not try monthly? or on special occasions such as a good grade or a new job/promotion.

This year I started something new with my Daughter. I took her to the mall and had a Mother-Daughter day, well, Mimi came along, too. We went to lunch, bought some school clothes, she got her nails painted and just pampered her for the day. It was loads of fun for both of us.

Here are a few others to get the ball rolling:

Summer BBQ - Kick off the Summer with a BBQ.
Saturday Mornings in Bed - Spend an extra 15-30 minutes in bed, invite the kiddos in and just snuggle under the covers while watching a cartoon.
Daddy-Daughter or Daddy-Son dates - A Saturday afternoon to give Mommy a little break and Daddy a little time to get to know the kiddos better.
Kids Make Dinner Night - Age appropriate of course, this can teach your kids an important skill before they leave home.

Traditions do not have to be expensive or elaborate. If you make time for your family when things are going good and everyone is happy the lines of communication will be open when something important comes along. It's a time that you and your children can rely on to be together.

Family Traditions make memories that last a lifetime, they create a strong family bond, and they're really not that hard!

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