Friday, October 1, 2010

"Cream of" something that actually tastes good!

I have recently given up the can and it feels (and tastes) so good! It's another format recipe you need!

Start with milk; evap, boxed, fresh. MILK. Add the flavors you want and need; bullion, base, broth, spices FLAVOR. Then a thickener; roux, cornstarch. THICKENER.

Here's an example of what I did last night. I was making Tator Tot Casserole - yummy, by the way. I took 1 can of evap milk, added 1% mlk, just under a measured out can (I keep a few TBSP out to mix with cornstarch). I added beef base to taste along with a little dried sage, parsley and garlic powder. I then added the milk/cornstarch until it was the consistancy that I wanted. It was SO GOOD! So smooth and creamy and nothing mysterious!

SIMPLE SIMPLE SIMPLE!!! Try it and let me know what recipes you use it with how it turns out!